Lil Leapsters! - 1 hour

Ages 3-5

This class is for dancers ages 3-5. Students will learn the fundamentals of Traditional Irish Step Dancing and establish familiarity with the music, foot placement, body alignment, and basic steps of Irish Dance. 

 Beginner 1 Class - 1 hour

Ages 5+

This class is for dancers ages 5+. Students will continue with the fundamentals of Traditional Irish Step Dancing and start learning full steps. Beginner Jigs and Reels will be taught and students will be able to compete at feiseanna* once they are capable of dancing the steps to music.

Beginner 2/Intermediate Class - 1 hour

For students who have attended the Beginner 1 class for two Sessions, or are asked to attend based on teacher discretion. Students will continue to build upon the fundamentals, become more comfortable dancing steps to music with minimal teacher assistance, and start to learn Hard Shoe dances. The pace of the class will increase as more dances are being practiced to music at full speed.

Advanced Class - 1.5 hours

For students who have at least one dance in the Novice level or higher and will continue to compete and train at an advanced level. 

*“Feis” (pronounced phonetically “fesh” in English) is an Irish word meaning “festival” and has come to describe a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival. The plural form of the word is “feiseanna” (pronounced “fesh – anna"). The term "feis" is commonly used referring to Irish dance competitions.

Our Adult/Teen classes will be scheduled as interest increases, so please inquire if you would like to participate!!!