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Tuition Per 10-Week Session:

New Students – First class is free to try! Tuition will be prorated based on start date

Dress Code:

Please have your dancer wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and appropriate footwear. If it is cold outside, warm ups will be allowed until the dancer is comfortable. Beginner level dancers are allowed to wear Irish Soft Shoes (ghillies), light gym shoes, or ballet slippers. We do not encourage that dancers wear only socks, as this can lead to serious injury. Any dancers above Beginner level are required to wear proper poodle socks (girls) and Irish Soft/Hard Shoes. Girls’ hair must be pulled back at all times.

Further Tuition Information (please read carefully):

  • Tuition is due the week prior to start of the Session.
  • If payment is not received prior to these dates $20 late fee will be applied.
  • Late fee does not apply to New Members.
  • Tuition for dancers who join after the Session has started will be prorated based on the missed classes.
  • For families with multiple dancers, the 2nd dancer is discounted, and additional dancers are free!!!
  • In the case of a snow day or class cancellation, make-up classes will be scheduled during the breaks (avoiding holidays).